Get Ready for Summer Challenge 2018-2.jpg

8 Weeks = 24 Classes

Take on the challenge of completing 24 classes in 8 weeks, that's just 3 times per week. To help you along we are dropping our Monthly Unlimited Membership to just $129 per month!! How can you resist? You'll be improving your health, increasing your energy levels and getting yourself fit in time for summer. When you complete the 24 classes, you'll be entered to win some amazing prizes! Sign up in studio.

Prizes Include:

  • $50 Gift Certificate to Drybar at Nordstrom - After getting that bod in shape for summer, treat yourself to a blowout for that extra special night out. Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: Blowouts.
  • 1 Month Unlimited at Body Balance - You are going to LOVE the shape you're in after completing the challenge, why not keep it going? Win a free month of unlimited classes at the studio.
  • $50 Lorna Jane Active Living Wear Gift Certificate - Lorna Jane believes in three simple things; FIT, FASHION and FUNCTION.

SPECIAL EVENTS... and more to come

  • May 15th - LORNA JANE POP UP SHOP in studio - Join us for a little shopping spree with Lorna Jane to help kick off your challenge. You'll be all set to stay strong and look fabulous in your new Lorna Jane Active Living Wear!