Body Balance is The Evolution of Barre

45 minutes to feeling fit and happy. We combine innovative strength and resistance training, barre, cardio and yoga stretching into a powerful full body workout. Our boutique fitness studio is in the heart of the downtown core, making it easy for you to get from your desk over lunch, or as part of your commute.


Our Why is All About YOU

Body Balance offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can find balance across the six dimensions of wellness – Physical, Emotional, Interpersonal, Intellectual, Spiritual and Environment. Our stance to fitness is not one that revolves around the endless chase of the perfect figure, but rather a mindful fitness approach designed to make people feel better as human beings.

The Workout

Body Balance has evolved Barre to include both the cardiovascular benefits of high intensity athletics and the flexibility and mindfulness of yoga. Our focus is to continue to challenge our clients by keeping the workouts fresh and beneficial for stretching and strengthening the entire body.