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Your Fitness & Wellness Studio in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

We believe you will find Body Balance to be a trusted oasis. Our hope is you will leave our studio and return to your lives feeling energized and integrated, with all dimensions of wellness having been addressed and nourished.


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Even though January is officially over, it doesn't mean your resolutions should be as well. Creating healthy habits that are realistic, sustainable and long-lasting takes time. So let's keep the momentum going, support one another and continue on our health journeys together. No matter what kind of "diet" we're on, we can probably all agree that for most people "eating healthier" means consuming more fruits and vegetables. Many of us know the importance of consuming more vegetables and fruit so we won't go into the long list of benefits. Instead, here are 5 tips and ways to encourage you to eat more on a daily basis. 1. Plan your meals around vegetables and fruit! Make vegetables and fruit the star of the dish or meal by putting more focus on these ingredients first, and THEN add in the grains, meats, other animal proteins, etc. - 2. Have fruits and vegetables for breakfast. There are so many ways to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your breakfast. From adding fresh fruit to your yogurt and granola, on top of your pancakes or waffles, or just as is on its own. Blend your veggies into a juice or smoothie, add vegetables like spinach or mushrooms into your omelettes or scrambled eggs, or add them on top of your toasts. - 3. If this has been a struggle for you, there are ways hide or sneak them into the foods you eat already. Experiment with vegetable noodles like spiralized zucchini, blend them into sauces or dressings, puree them into a soup or stew, or try baking with them such as making pumpkin bread or sweet potato brownies. - 4. Eat the colours of a rainbow. Even when you're grocery shopping, shop for as many colours as possible of fresh fruit and vegetable. (No, coloured packages do not count). - 5. Prep your vegetables and fruit. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is spend time chopping your veggies. Having them pre-cut and prepped will make it easy for us to just grab and use them or cook with them right away. After you grocery shop, spend some time food prepping. It will help you stay more on track throughout the week. What are some of YOUR ways to incorporate more veggies and fruit? Comment 👇 📷: @paulinewongphotography

⭐️ Introducing monthly Karma Classes! ⭐️ . Who wants FREE yoga?! 🧘‍♂️ . To show our love and gratitude we want to give back to the community 💗! Once a month we will be holding a 🙏 KARMA CLASS 🙏, whether you are a member of the studio or not the classes with be open to everyone! * space allowing * . Next Karma Class: Wednesday February 6th 5:45pm - 6:45pm Flow Yoga with Olya . Reserve your spot through our website/Mindbody or send us a message! . Even if you haven’t tried yoga before this is your chance to try some new 😊 . . . . . . . . . . . #freeyoga #community #yvryoga #vancouveryogis @vancouveryogis #givingback #balancedlife #balance #vancouveryoga #yogavancouver #namasteeveryday #blessed #namaste #meditation #motivation #vancouverevents #vancity #yvr #love #yvrfitness